Aadhaar Card: Check aadhaar card status online

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Didn’t receive your Aadhaar Letter?

Residents who have enrolled for Aadhaar can find out if their Aadhaar is generated or still under generation.

Check Aadhaar Card status online: Click here


Now, you need to check your Aadhaar Card Acknowledgement copy that you got after Aadhaar Card enrollment process completion.


Here, you will find your Enrollment No. with Date/Time printed(Highlighted by Red box above).

You need to enter these two information correctly in order to check the Aadhaar Card status online. If you entered information incorrectly, then you can click on “Reset” button and re-enter the information again.

Now, you need to enter the “Security Code” displayed just above in the textbox.

Finally, click on the “Check Status” button. The form will get submitted and provide you the information about the current status of your Aadhaar Card.

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