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Longest road tunnel of India

To short the distance between Jammu and Shrinagar, India started a new project named “Jammu-Srinagar Chenani-Nasri Tunnel” on May 23, 2011 built on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway. Some important facts about this tunnel are: On...


India: Zero rupee note

All of us have seen many currenciesĀ  like 50, 100, 500, etc. But, have you heard about the Zero rupee note? In 2007, a NGO namedĀ 5th Pillar under the guidance of company president Vijay...


History of currency ban in India

Taking the nation by surprise, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November, 2016 night announced demonetization of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes with effect from midnight. Major reasons behind this action are...