Eaten Alive – Paul Rosolie: The Moment a Man Gets Swallowed by a Giant Anaconda

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Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

Hello friends,

On the 31st December of 2014, I watched a TV special `Eaten Alive` by Discovery Channel at 8.00PM. This show was about one man’s trip through the digestive tract of a 20-foot anaconda. We never saw such show in the history of TV shows. Most of us have seen how planet’s largest snake, anacondas gobbled their prey in movies and animal’s documentaries but watching the attempt for the same in real is a thrilling experience.

You can watch the video clips of this special show on Discovery Channel’s website: Paul Rosolie Eaten Alive by Anaconda: Watch Video of Man Eaten by Giant Snake on Discovery Channel.

Lets talk about the hero of the show “Paul Rosolie“. Paul Rosolie is 27-year-old naturalist and wildlife film-maker. The plan was to film Paul Rosolie after getting swallowed alive by planet’s deadliest snake, anaconda for Discovery Channel show Eaten Alive.

The place selected for the event was world’s one of the most dangerous forest “Amazon”.  Paul Rosolie and his team tried many dangerous attempts to capture the biggest anaconda in “Floating Forest” in Amazon for the show.  But because of bad circumstances and time shortage, team step backed with a promise that they will definitely catch the biggest anaconda (approx 27 feet as per them) in future.

The team decided to perform the act with a 20 feet long anaconda where Paul Rosolie allowed himself to become meal of the heavy anaconda. Before this act, Paul Rosolie wore the carbon-fibre snake poof suit for safety purpose with pig blood sprayed over it to make himself an appealing dinner. But this made Paul Rosolie uncomfortable in terms of movement for hands and legs. So, he asked the team to remove the safety from hands and legs for better movement.

Finally, the moment came when Paul Rosolie allowed himself to become meal of the 20 feet long anaconda. The sight was extremely terrifying. The team stopped the act when Paul Rosolie felt that his hand may get broke due the force applied by anaconda as he removed the parts of safety suit for hands.

At the end, act could not be completed as per plan. But, this is a great attempt by Paul Rosolie and Discovery Channel team to collect rare facts.  Paul Rosolie and Discovery Channel team kept in mind not to hurt the anaconda during the act as possible as they can and they did this successfully.

There have been petitions not to air the show including by the PETA which requested Discovery not to air the controversial show. But the show was aired on 31st December of 2014 at 8.00PM.

Finally we can say, we watched something which we never say earlier.

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