Grizzly bear as a best man in a marriage

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Brutus(also called Brutus the Bear) is a 800lb Grizzly bear who was adopted as a newborn cub by Casey Anderson, star of the National Geographic documentary Expedition Grizzly.

Brutus was born in January 2002 and . He spent his first months in a six-foot square steel box that was his mother’s cage at a captive bear facility.

The bear was very close to him.  When Casey Anderson married actress Missi Pyle, Brutus was their Best Man. Occasionally, Brutus has a place at the family dinner table also.

Brutus lives at Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary. The facility was founded by Casey Anderson as a place to raise Brutus and aid in the study of grizzlies.

Brutus has appeared frequently on television with Casey Anderson, including regular appearances as Anderson’s “co-host” on the Nat Geo/Nat Geo WILD series Expedition Wild. Brutus has also appeared in two films, Iron Ridge (2008) and Pretty Ugly People (2008), as well as in commercials and in live educational shows across America.


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