Indian Railway: Predict availability OR know confirmation chances of your PNR.

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Hello Friends,

ThereĀ  are situation where we are not sure whether our PNR will get confirmed or not before the final chart preparation. Its totally depends on various factors like season, festival, weekend, etc.

But there is a website which helps you in finding the chances of confirmation of your PNR based on past trends on waiting list confirmation of Indian Railway. No one can predict the exact chances of confirmation of your PNR but this site may help you to find the chances of confirmation because many factors affects the waiting list on a particular day i.e. there may a day when a huge waiting list may get clear or there may be a day when only few waiting list may get clear.


So, just visit the website and you are able to find the following information:

  • Find the trains based on origin, destination, date of journey, class and quota. This site provides past trends on waiting list confirmation in terms of percentage on each class of each train.

screenshot-www trainman in 2014-11-02 09-32-35

  • Enter the PNR and get the PNR status with chances of confirmation of PNR with past trends of waiting list confirmation on the same class.

screenshot-www trainman in 2014-11-02 09-32-59

I wish this site will help you. Thanks.

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