The Coma Cop Awakens: It Was Still 1988 for him

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Gary Dockery, a police officer in Walden, Tennessee, was shot point-blank in the head by a drunken man while responding to a call on Sept. 17, 1988. He was in a coma-like state in a nursing home since then.


But after undergoing lung surgery in 11th February, 1996, Gary Dockery suddenly awoke(after 7 and 1/2 years) and began to talk. During this period, Gary Dockery recalled camping trips, his green Jeep and the names of his horses and told his sons(aged 12 and 20) that he loved them.

It was not less than a miracle for his family. But the miracle did not last long. After 18 hours, Gary Dockery began to lapse back into unresponsiveness.

On April 15, 1997, he died at the age of 43 from a blood clot in his lung.


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