What does the four colored dots means on a newspaper?

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If you are a daily reader of newspaper then you might be aware of four colored dots/hearts/stars/square on the corner of the newspaper. Most of us don’t know what exactly that means. Lets see the reason behind it.

Earlier, newspapers were printed in black and white. But, presentation have been evolved a lot with time and now you can see attractive advertisements, colored photos and colored texts. Due these things, you might not notice these colored dots/hearts/stars/square(can be any one of these) on the corner(it can be at any place) of the newspaper.

The four multi-colored dots which we were talking about are called CMYK.

  • C stands for cyan which regularly meant for Blue
  • M stands for Magenta (Pink)
  • Y stands for Yellow
  • K stands for Black

This CMYK is used as a base for rendering all colors required in printing the newspapers(i.e. every color can be obtained from these colors, by mixing them in various proportions.). Small dots of these colors are printed at different angles to create the printed image or colored texts. It is used to make sure that all the color are at accurate position.

If the four dots on your newspaper are blur, or you find the colors overlapping on the image, it means the printing is not good. To print an accurate and perfect image, the colors and shapes of the CMYK indicator must be arranged precisely, and be clear and sharp.

CMYK is the most widely used and cost effective color system in commercial printing.

Now, you know the fact behind the four colored dots of a newspaper. So, next time when you read a news paper first check these dots to know whether the print of an image is fine or not.

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