When was Royal Enfield launched in India?

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The Indian government looked for a suitable motorcycle for its police and army, for patrolling the country’s border.┬áThe Royal Enfield Bullet was chosen as the most suitable bike for the job.┬áThe government ordered 800 units of the 350 cc model.

In 1955, the Redditch company partnered with Madras Motors in India to form ‘Enfield India’ to assemble, under licence, the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras (now called Chennai).

The tooling was sold to Enfield India so that they could manufacture components. By 1962, all components were made in India.

The Indian Enfield uses the 1960 engine, Royal Enfield still makes similar bike in the 350 cc and 500 cc models, along with several different models for different market segments.

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