Who clicked the famous Gandhi ji image used in Indian currency?

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All of us have been seeing the famous smiling picture of Mahatma Gandhi on Indian currency notes since a long time. This is often the first picture of which comes in mind when we think about Mahatma Gandhi.

Source: Wikimedia

But, do you know where did that picture come from?

We think that it was a drawn caricature but it’s not true. The picture was cropped from an actual photograph.

Cropped Image

Lets see the actual details behind the history of this particular picture of Mahatma Gandhi’s that is used in the Indian currency notes.

The original picture shown above was taken in 1946 by an unknown photographer when Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Pethick-Lawrence met each other in the viceroy house(today known as Rashtrapati Bhavan) in 1946, in Kolkata(India).

The cropped mirror image of Mahatma Gandhi from this famous picture was later used as a portrait-sized image on all the Indian currencies.

When Rs. 500 Indian currency introduced first time inĀ 1987, then a watermark of Mahatma Gandhi’s picture was present on the currency.

The India currencies having Mahatma Gandhi’s picture came into existence from 1996. Before that, the Indian currencies had the picture of the Ashoka Stambha. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to make a transformation and this famous picture of Mahatma Gandhi was used in all the Indian currencies, starting from Rs. 5 to Rs. 1000.
From then to the present day, Mahatma Gandhi‘s picture is still being used on all the Indian currencies.

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